Services Provided

Pulmonary Consultation – Detailed evaluation of the patient’s symptoms, history and physical exam. Review of Chest X-rays and breathing test results. This will clarify the cause of the patient’s symptoms and allow appropriate treatment. A full report will be mailed to the referring primary physician.

Pulmonary Function Tests – These consist of multiple breathing tests that measure vital capacity, expired flow rates, lung diffusion capacity and lung volumes. Pulmonary function tests are important to perform in most cases of lung disorders because they help clarify the nature of the illness and its severity.

Pre-operative Pulmonary Clearance – Some patients with chronic lung illnesses need to be evaluated by a pulmonary specialist before they undergo surgery under anesthia. A detailed evaluation and appropriate treatment will help avoid complications during surgery.

Pulmonary Function Tests Performed – Spirometry, Diffusion Capacity, Lung Volumes, Pulmonary Exercise Test.

Methacholine challenge